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HSM1 Deflection of Beams Apparatus – P.A.Hilton

HSM1 Deflection of Beams Apparatus



HSM1 Deflection of Beams Apparatus

The bench mounted apparatus has an aluminium profiled base with a fixed support at one end and a moveable support at the other. The supports can be fitted with knife edges or clamp plates one of which permits horizontal movement for an encastre (built-in) beam.

A steel beam and two load hangers are supplied together with two dial gauges for measuring beam deflections and slopes. The dial gauges are mounted on movable pillars for accurate position along the beam.

A set of calibrated weights and hangers are supplied along with the necessary tools to adjust the equipment.


  • Demonstration and evaluation of slope and deflection of cantilevers and beams; investigation of simply supported and built-in ends.
  • The bench mounted apparatus consists of a base plate, one moveable and one fixed beam support, a steel beam, 25 x 5 mm, approx. 1.4m long, load hangers and hooks.
  • The beam supports incorporate knife edges and clamping facilities, and one allows lateral movement whilst clamped.
  • The base plate is slotted to allow one beam support to be moveable.
  • Deflections measured by the two dial gauge test sets provided
  • An Instruction manual for student and lecturer provided
  • Set of weights
  • Tape measure supplied
  • 2 year warranty

Experimental Capabilities

  • Verification of beam deflection formula
  • Deflection and slope of beams and cantilevers
  • Verification of both area – moment theorems


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