IP55 Plastic Junction Box (9.44in W x 12.20in H x 5.31in L)

IP55 Plastic Junction Box. Frame and base in ABS. High impact-resistant, UV protection. Halogen-free, for indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Corrosion Proof Electrical Box
  • DIY outdoor Enclosure
  • UV protected ABS High Impact Grade
  • Halogen Free Material, Protection Against Dust, and Splash from all directions for your connections
  • Electrical boxes provide safe links to wiring systems

This IP55 Plastic Junction Box is made out of high-quality ABS by Famatel is the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor wiring installations and connections. This enclosure is resistant to water, dust, and many other elements. Our electrical boxes are UV protected and are a high impact rating. IP rating will protect your electronics and wiring from dust and splash from multiple directions. Perfect for outdoor and rainy environments.

Product measurements  (9.44in W x 12.20in H x 5.31in L / Ref item 3045)


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