ISO Trainer Metal Technology


The proper inspection of workpieces is one of the most important basic skills in the training of metal professions. The measuring course enables learners to measure and gauge independently on prefabricated workpieces. The instructor can use the measuring course immediately without investing a lot of time and effort. The measuring course was developed in cooperation with the Initiative for Employment and Training.


The measuring course is equipped with 6 workpieces. These are 3 turned and 3 milled parts. The workpieces are made of aluminum. All dimensions relevant in practice are included, e.g.: Outside dimensions, inside dimensions, depths, hole spacing, radii, and much more.

PC program

The measuring course contains a PC program which guides the learner in the completion of his examination tasks and evaluates his inputs. The program shows the drawing of a workpiece on the screen, names the inspection point and awaits the learner’s input. The learner determines the actual dimension and enters it. In addition, the maximum dimension, minimum dimension, upper and lower deviation and the size of the dimensional tolerance are queried.

Drawings and worksheets

A complete drawing is provided for each workpiece. The worksheets supplied with the measuring course contain the inspection tasks to be performed on the workpieces and thus also enable use without the PC program.

Workpiece drawings

A complete drawing is available for each workpiece. The dimensions contain tolerance specifications or are free dimensions. The actual dimensions of the workpieces do not always lie within the specified tolerance, but can also be rejects.

Result check

The PC program checks the entries and evaluates the learner’s performance. Individual and group results can be evaluated via a flexible query tool.