Piston Compressor AIRBOY SILENCE 50 PRO

230 V

8 bar, 43 dB
  • Optimized for low air requirements, e.g. in airbrushing
  • With only 43 dB(A) extremely quiet running due to the encapsulated construction, thus trouble-free use even in apartments, offices, etc.
  • Thanks to standard filter pressure regulators, the working pressure is infinitely adjustable, with simultaneous dirt, oil and condensate separation.
  • High-quality electric motors with a high tightening torque
  • Equipped with motor start relief and motor circuit breaker
  • Fully automatic on-turn-off mode
  • Compressed air container powder-coated
  • Rubberized handle against slipping

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General features
Compressor system capsuled
Suction capacity approx. 50 l/min
Filling capacity approx. 33 l/min
Explanation filling capacity at 6 bar working pressure
Maximum pressure 8 bar
Pressure vessel capacity 9 l
Number of cylinders 1
Number of compressor stages 1
Compressor speed 2900 min¯¹
Dimensions and weights
Length (product) approx. 320 mm
Height (product) approx. 480 mm
Width/depth (product) approx. 320 mm
Net weight approx. 21 kg
Electric data
Supply voltage 230 V
Mains frequency 50 Hz
Delivery power 0.34 kW
Noise emission
Sound power level Lw 43 dB(A)
Explanation sound power level Lw Sound power level according to DIN EN ISO 3744 (RL 2000/14/EG)