Renishaw Measuring Arm HPPA

for OPTIturn L 44 Mounting Included


Only available in conjunction with the purchase of a new machine

High-precision, manually swivelling arm for tool measurement, equipped with a 3-axis RP3 probe. The innovative rotary axis of the HPPA measuring arm is used to manually swivel the probe to the repeatable, kinematic measuring position. No further adjustment or locking aid is required.

Arm/housing unit with probe

The compact arm/housing unit is completely sealed.

Probe protection housing

A separate probe protection housing protects the probe when not in use.

TSI2 Interface

The interface handles signals between the probe and the machine controller, allowing easy integration. The unit is DIN rail mounted and has an easy fit mounting mechanism. Two connectors are provided for easy wiring to the HPPA (3-pin) and the machine control (25-pin SUB-D).


  • Tool measurement up to 90% faster.
  • Recommended OEM arm configurations for all standard chuck sizes.
  • Rugged Renishaw construction ensures trouble-free operation even in the harshest machine tool environments.
  • IPX8 protected (static)
  • LED to indicate probe status and arm readiness for use
  • Stylus with predetermined breaking piece protects the probe if the max. overflow of the stylus is exceeded.
  • Application: Tool measurement on CNC lathes
  • Probing directions probe/machine: +/- X, +/- Y, +/- Z
  • Typical position accuracy (measuring speed 36 mm/min): 5 2 X/Z µm
  • Environmental protection: IPX8 (Fixed)
  • Temperature range for operation: 5 – 60 °
  • Temperature range for storage: -10 – 70 °
  • Arm swing angle: 91 / 90 °
  • Explanation of arm swing angle: If the Renishaw probe protection housing is not used, the max. arm swing angle is 91 °