Range of centrifugal roof fans which are mounted directly above a circular duct for the ventilation of housings and small enclosures.
Centrifugal backward curved impeller in galvanised sheet steel.
Galvanised steel sheet housing protected by black epoxy polyester paint.
All models are fitted with bird proof guard.
4 different sizes for diameter ducts 160, 200, 250 and 315 mm.
ON-OFF switch IP55.
Duct connection flange with integrated rubber air seal and thermal protector.

All motors are IP55, Class F, direct drive.
Electrical supply:
-Single phase motor 230V 50Hz.
-Variable voltage.
Working temperature: -40ºC/+70ºC.


  • CTBbdp506

    Isolation switch
    ON-OFF electrical isolation switch fitted on the fan as standard.

  • CTBbdp487

    Bird proof guard
    Steel finger proof guard.


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