Sheet Metal Scissors FTBS 1050-10

  • Sturdy and robust welded construction
  • Due to the foot control both hands remain free for the material supply
  • High quality cutting blades
  • Angle adjustable side stop with millimeter scale
  • Easy adjustment of the knife bar
  • Highest possible safety through hold-down, which protects the fingers at the same time.
  • Up to 500 mm adjustable backgauge

Note: This is a selection of our numerous products for your training lab. Your regional Area Sales Manager will be happy to advise you on further variants and designs according to your individual needs!

General features
Max. cutting length 1050 mm
Cutting performance for material tensile strength 400 N/mm² 1.00 mm
Rear stop adjustment range up to 500 mm
Dimensions and weights
Length (product) approx. 1160 mm
Height (product) approx. 930 mm
Width/depth (product) approx. 730 mm
Net weight approx. 175 kg