The single split system air conditioner will be installed on a higher place of the wall, so they will not take up the floor space.

DAK has a very mature split system air conditioner production line including the indoor unit production and the outdoor unit production. And DAK ensures the quality of every DAK air conditioner to provide high quality air conditioners for the customers all over the world.

Outdoor Unit

Indoor Unit


DAK makes an effort from the following respects to reduce the noise of the air conditioners to below 22dB. The sound intensity of the noise is same as that of the sound in the countryside night, so the customers can sleep in a quiet environment.

  • To avoid the noise caused by the rapid change of the air flow direction, DAK optimizes the distance between the evaporator fins and makes the air flow smooth.
  • Because of the large diameter fans and the low speed motors, the vibration of DAK air conditioners can be reduced with the same air blowing distance.
  • To avoid the vibration of the compressors, there is damping rubber on the surface of the air conditioner pipes.
  • The high quality acoustic fabrics inside the air conditioners can effectively reduce the noise.



With the IFD (Intense field dielectric) technique, DAK air conditioners can collect dust efficiently and purify indoor air while adjusting room temperature. According to the test results, the dust collecting device can remove 90% of PM2.5 in 3 hours. Besides, the IFD device can be disassembled and washed easily and reused as well to keep a high air quality for long.

Dust-cleaning principle

The DAK air conditioners can ionize air under high pressure and then the negative ions are released. → After the ions collide with the particles in the air, the particles will carry electric charges. → The dust collector can absorb the charged particles to clean the air.


If the customers need to stay at home for a long time with the air conditioners on, the carbon dioxide, smoke, smell of sweat and other smell will increase and the air quality will get worse.

To solve the problem, DAK air conditioners adopt the air circulation system to keep indoor air fresh by constantly adjusting and filtering indoor air.


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