Workstation Hydraulix 200 (double-sided)

230 V / 50 Hz


This workstation is ideal for training in the basics of hydraulics.

The mobile workstation has a grid to which the hydraulic components can be securely attached. It can be operated from one side and can be used by one or two trainees at the same time. The built-in hydraulic unit is equipped with a noise-reduced external gear pump and a single-phase asynchronous motor. The control box has one ON and OFF button each as well as an EMERGENCY STOP button. The power supply to the workstation is provided by means of a mains cable (length approx. 1.8 m) with a protective contact plug. The simple and safe supply of pressurised fluid is ensured via low-leakage, self-sealing coupling plugs on the P/T distributor. The supplied storage trays can be transformed from an oil pan to a practical desk pad by simply turning them.

Note: This is a selection of our numerous products for your training lab. Your regional Area Sales Manager will be happy to advise you on further variants and designs according to your individual needs!

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  • Dimensions (L x W x H in mm): 800 x 806 x 1.772
  • Number of workstations: 2-4
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Supply voltage 230 V
  • Rated current 2 x 1.6 A
  • Mains frequency 50 Hz
  • Power 2 x 0.37 kw
  • Max. Operating pressure 50 bar
  • Max. Volume flow 2 x 3.2 l/min
  • Tank 2 x 6.2 l