Y210 Oxygen Permeability Analyzer – GBPI

Y210 Oxygen Permeability Analyzer


Y210 Oxygen Permeability Analyzer


To test the oxygen transmission rate (OTR) of packaging materials, such as plastic film, composite film, coextrusion film, aluminum-plated film, aluminum foil, infusion bag, sheets, paper, paper board, solar battery panel, cellophane, ceramics and porcelain, and various containers such as bag, pouch, bottle, can, bowl, box, widely used in the industries of food, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household, electronics and so on.

Working principle
Coulometric sensor method. Fix the test sample in the middle of test chamber to separate the chamber into upper room and lower room. When oxygen flows in upper room and nitrogen in lower room, the oxygen molecules penetrate through the sample into the lower room, and coulometry sensor system detect and analyze the oxygen content and calculate the oxygen transmission rate. To test container, oxygen is outside and nitrogen is inside of the container.


Main machine body, software, communication cable, Φ100 sample cutter, 1/8 inch copper tube, sealing grease, clip connector, water injector, spanner, standard test plate
User provide: nitrogen (99.999%), oxygen (99.999%), pressure releasing valve, computer
Optional (for purchase): test accessories, standard film, sealing grease, special clips, pressure releasing valve, computer


GB/T 19789-2005, ASTM D 3985, ASTM F 1927, ASTM F 1307, ASTM F 2622, ISO 15105-2, YBB00082003, DIN 53380-3, JIS K-7126-B

Technical Specification

Test range – 0.02 ~ 16500 cm3/m2·24h (film), max 260000 cm3/m2·24h
Test accuracy – 0.001 cm3/(m2·24h)
Temperature range – 15°C~45°C (5°C~50°C optional)
Temperature accuracy – ±0.1°C
Humidity range – 0%RH, 30~90%RH, 100%RH
Humidity accuracy – ±1%RH
Gas supply pressure – 0.1~0.2MPa
Environment temperature – 23°C
Sample size – Φ100mm
Test area – 50.24cm2
Sample thickness – ≤ 2mm
Number of samples – 2 pieces
Carrier gas port – 1/8 inch
Instrument size – 600x460x360mm
Power supply – 220V 50Hz


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