Our Staff


Michael Yimer

Operations and Importing Manager

Engineer Semah Nasir

Over decade of experience working with Marketing Ventilation and Electrical Systems as well as Design and Installation.


Meron Seleshi

Over 15 years of experience as a certified accountant and asset management.

Tender Executive

Engineer Tanan Amena

Over 3 years of experience in document preparation, design and technical analysis.

Sales Manager 

Hayat Negash

Over decade of experience on sales and marketing. Hayat has been managing our sales and effectively liaising with our customers for the last 5 years.

Sales Associate

Marta G/Medhin

Engaging, intuitive and with an in depth knowledge of our products. Martha has been our sales associate for the last 2 years.

Inventory Manager

Ereste Eshetu

With over 5 years of experience managing our warehouse, inventory and supply chain.



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