Coating Thickness Meter

Coating Thickness Meter

C5001. Coating Thickness Meter. Includes Ferrous Probe 0–1000µm


Coating Thickness Meter

C5001. Coating Thickness Meter. Includes Ferrous Probe 0–1000µm

Coating Thickness Meter will measure all coatings on metallic substrates using the magnetic induction or eddy-current principles, ensuring the correct coating thickness has been applied.

Ferrous models measure all non-ferromagnetic coatings on steel and iron. Non-Ferrous models measure all non-conductive, non-ferromagnetic coatings on conductive non-ferrous substrates.

Coating Thickness Meter is supplied in an industrial Carrying Case with Flexible lead Measuring Probes set of 8 Calibration Foils and Zero Disks. Calibration Certificates with traceability to UKAS are an optional extra.

The Coating Thickness Meter is compliant to ISO 2808, ISO 19840, ISO 2360, ISO 1461 and ISO 2063.

Also known as Coating Thickness Gauge, DFT Meter, DFT Gauge, Paint Thickness Meter, Paint Thickness Gauge, Paint Meter Paint Gauge, Galvanising Thickness Meter, Galvanising Thickness Gauge, Electroplating Thickness Meter and Electroplating Thickness Gauge.


CALIBRATION. Calibrate to different and curved substrates.

CALIBRATION MEMORIES. Calibration settings can be stored and recalled when required.

STATISTICS. Shows the Mean, Number of Readings, Max/Min, Coefficient of Variation and Standard Deviation.

LIMITS. Pass and fail with audible and visual alarm.

METRIC / IMPERIAL. Select the measurement units that you require.

BATCHING. Store measurements into batches with batch number, job number and Date / Time.

DOWNLOAD. Download measurements into Microsoft Word or Excel.

Measurement accuracy ±1 to 3%.


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