Range of direct driven backward curved centrifugal cabinet fans designed for smoke extraction in fire conditions and certified F400-120 (CE marked). The casings are manufactured from a robust galvanised frame work combined with panels lined with 25 mm thickness of fireproof fibreglass acoustic insulation (M0). All models incorporate F400-120 rated motors approved to operate continuously (S1) and in emergency situations (S2).
Available, depending upon the model, with three phase motors in 4, 6 or 4/8 poles.

All the motors are IP55 Class H insulation.
Electrical supply.
Three phase 230/400V-50Hz (1 speed).
Three phase 400-50Hz (2 speeds).


  • CHAT-Nbdp506

    Backward curved centrifugal impellers
    To avoid the accumulation of dirtiness or grease.
    Dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 standard.

  • CHAT-Nbdp487

    Approved motor S1 and S2
    F400 120 rated motors approved to operate continuously (S1) and in emergency situations (S2).

  • CHAT-Nbdp481

    Tight cabinet
    Condensation drain holes to eliminate condensed water.

  • CHAT-Nbdp531

    Easy to install
    All fans are fitted with rigid framework with lifting rings to ease the installation on floor or ceiling.

  • CHAT-Nbdp501

    Low noise level
    Panels manufactured from heavy gauge galvanized sheet steel internally lined with fireproof acoustic insulation (M0), to reduce significantly the radiated noise.

  • CHAT-Nbdp496

    Anti-vibration mounts
    To reduce vibration and noise transmissions to the installation.

  • CHAT-Nbdp549

    Quality finishing, with aluminium corners providing a high robustness.


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