Cabinet fans manufactured from heavy gauge galvanised steel sheet and internally lined with melamine foam acoustic insulation (M1). All models incorporate double inlet single phase direct-drive forward curved centrifugal fan fitted with anti vibration mounts and IP55 remote terminal box. All fans installed in acoustic cabinet fans CVB / CVT CENTRIBOX comply with the efficiency requirements of the ErP Directive.
All cabinets can be installed outdoors as standard.

Available, depending upon the model, with single phase motors in 4 or 6 poles.
Motors are IP44 or IP55 (1), Class F insulation, with ball bearings and thermal protection.
Electrical supply:
Single phase 230V-50Hz.
Three phase 230/400V-50Hz.
All single phase models are speed controllable by tension.
All three phase models are speed controllable by frequency inverter.(1) See technical characteristic chart.

Working temperature from -20ºC to +40ºC.


  • CVT-CVBbdp506

    Low noise level
    Acoustic insulation of 7 mm thickness (M1) melamine foam reducing the noise level significantly.

  • CVT-CVBbdp487

    Outdoor installation
    All cabinets can be installed outdoors as standard.

  • CVT-CVBbdp481

    Easy to mount
    All models are supplied with four mounting feet to facilitate installation.

  • CVT-CVBbdp531

    Flame retardant IP55 remote terminal box
    To ease installation and connection to external controls.

  • CVT-CVBbdp501

    Anti-vibration mounts
    Reducing vibration and noise transmission to the installation.

  • CVT-CVBbdp496

    Circular duct connection flanges
    In line circular duct connection flanges at the inlet and discharge.


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