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Car park systems PILOT PARK



Control of exhaust, supply and impulse fans for high and low pollution ventilation (comfort mode) and emergency smoke extract modes.
Fully compatible with pollution and fire detection systems. Ability to operate with internal clock (optional).
Operates at high and low speed (HS/LS) in pollution ventilation mode and at high speed in emergency smoke exhaust mode.
Three-phase 400V 2-speed motor control (Dahlander or independent windings) – motor (s) or just 1 speed, please consult us.
5 sizes of cabinets.
8 Sizes: 9/18/26/32/50/65/75 and 95A per motor.
Control unit for 1 motor with 2 speeds from 9 to 95A. Control unit for 2 motors with 2 speeds from 9 to 26A.
2 versions:
– “Master” unit for managing Comfort /Smoke exhaust fan, with or without clock.
– “Slave” unit to be controlled by a “Master”unit (control supply fans and jet fans). Power supply three phase 400V-50/60Hz + Earth.

IP55 sealed enclosure, RAL 7035 colour.
Supplied with cable glands. Cut-off switch included in the facade (can be padlocked in 3 points) Integrated magnetic protection:
– Version for 1 motor 32 to 95A.
– Version for 2 motors 9 to 26A.
Integrated thermal protection (connected only in the comfort mode). Taking into account operational priorities: LS/HS comfort, smoke extraction, fire services switch.
Pollution ventilation input to connect either specific two-speed controller or pollution detection system.
Fire emergency input to connect specific fire emergency detection system.
Master version:
– Control devices indicator and operation display on the front.
– 24V low voltage for the power supply for external box units.


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