Centrifugal Jet fans to induce air movement in large spaces. Suitable for ventilation only at ambient temperature.

Nominal thrust 50N, 75N and 100N.
Backward curved centrifugal impeller in galvanised steel and balanced in accordance with ISO 1940-1, G6.3.
Fan casing in galvanised steel.
Fan external electrical terminal box.
Supplied with inlet steel guard.

IEC from 80 to 90, 3 phase /380-415V / 50Hz, Class F.
Two speed 4/8 pole Dalhander winding.
Ambient temperature: -20ºC to +40ºC.
Available in 60Hz.

On request
Factory fitted IP65 isolator in place of electrical terminal box, isolator also available as an accessory for use with standard terminal box fan.


  • IFFTbdp506

    Inlet guard.

  • IFFTbdp487

    Low profile
    Useful in low parkings.

  • IFFTbdp481

    External terminal box for ease of connection.

  • IFFTbdp531

    Optional isolator
    Electrical isolator fitted to fan for security or as an accessory.


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