The fast, hygienic and energy efficient hand drying system.
The Ecohand hand dryer uses a powerful, high-speed layer of clean air to eliminate every drop of water from the hands, leaving the dry in just 10 seconds.
The innovative design prevents water droplets from falling to the ground, guaranteeing higher standards of hygiene.

Fast. Dries in just 10 seconds.
Energy efficient.
Environmentally friendly.
Reduced CO2 missions.
Automatic operation. Controlled by an intelligent infrared sensor that automatically turns the unit on and off.
CPU controlled brushless motor (no carbon brushes).
Anti vandal degree IK10.
Large LCD display indicating the processand drying time.
Easy to clean and maintain. Easy acces to water collection tray.
Robust, impact-resistant housing.
Economic and durable.
Intelligent, practical and elegant design.
Air intake filter.


  • ECOHANDbdp506

    1 Insert your hands in the slot. If you do not place your hands deep enough inside the slot, the LCD display will light up and indicate that you need to place your hands further inside.

  • ECOHANDbdp487

    2 The LCD display will show a picture of a fan and the device will start to dry your hands. The timer will count from 0 to 10 seconds. The air will dry the water from your hands and the device will then stop automatically.

  • ECOHANDbdp481

    Slowly remove your hands from the slot. The device will stop automatically.


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