The HXM plate mounted axial flow fans are manufactured from pressed galvanised steel and protected from corrosion by a beige epoxy-polyester paint finish. HXM models include impellers manufactured from aluminium sheet (HXM-200 to HXM-350) or steel sheet (HXM-400), finished with black polyester paint.
All models include a steel finger proof guard as standard mounted to the inlet side of the fan.

HXM-200 to HXM-350: Single phase speed controllable motor 230V-50/60Hz equipped with thermal protection, IP44, Class B insulation, flexible cable (lenght: 50cm) for connection to the electrical supplies and ball bearings greased for life.
HXM-400: External rotor motor, IP44, Class F insulation, fitted with thermal protection and wiring terminal box.

Additional Information
Standard air direction: form (A) configuration (Motor over Impeller).


  • HXMbdp506

    Provided with cable for connection to the electrical supplies
    Motor protected from corrosion by epoxy-polyester paint finish.
    Cable to ease connection to electrical supplies (except for HXM-400 model).

  • HXMbdp487

    HXM-400 model terminal box
    Wiring terminal box including the capacitor.


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