Single inlet centrifugal fans BSP Series


Range of belt driven single inlet centrifugal fans, designed for emergency smoke extraction in fire conditions and certified F400-120. The fans are also suitable for supply or exhaust applications in commercial and industrial buildings.
Sizes of this series are in accordance with AMCA standard 99-0098-76 and DIN323R20.

Operating limit
Each fan type has its maximum operating speed and power due to its mechanical design. The operating limit of BSP series is adjusted to meet the requirement of class I limit as defined in AMCA standard 99-2408-69.

Foot-mounted motor (B3), IP55, Class F insulation
Electrical supplies:Three phase 230/400V-50Hz up to 3kW.
Three phase 400V-50Hz for higher power motors.
1 speed motor are speed controllable by inverter.

The wheel of BSP series has backward curved blades manufactured in cold rolled sheet steel with polyester powder coating finish.

For all sizes except 1250 and above, the housing is manufactured in galvanized sheet steel with the housing fixed to the side plates in “pittsburg lock” form system.
Housing for 1250 and 1400 are manufactured in mild steel finished with polyester powder coating.

The frame is manufactured with galvanized angular bars for type “C”.
For type “T”, they are manufactured with sections of steel and finished with polyester powder coating.

Type C (models from 315 to 630)
This type has a frame fitted on both sides of the fan which gives better strength and rigidity. It allows mounting in four different orientations, either CW or CCW rotation.

Type T (models from 710 to 1400)
This type has a welded frame giving increased stiffness and rigidity required for higher operating performance, either CW or CCW rotation.

On request
2 speed motors.
Epoxy paint.
Inspection door and drain hole.


ATEX versions BSP / BSP F400
On request, explosion proof versions for BSP and BSP F400, in accordance with ATEX Directive for three phase models:
– ATEX Flameproof – Gas
II 2G Ex d IIB T4
II 2G Ex d IIB(H2) T4 (with Ex d IIC T4 motor)
– ATEX Increased safety – Gas
II 2G Ex e II T3
– ATEX – Dust
Suspended flammable particles and non-conductive dust:
II 3D Ex tc IIIB T125ºC
Conductive dust:
II 3D Ex tc IIIC T125ºC (with IP65 motor)


  • BSPbdp506

    Assembly type C

  • BSPbdp487

    Assembly type T


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