Wall mounted axial flow fans with galvanised steel sheet structure, outlet louvre shutter with mechanical opening, inlet guard from galvanised steel and belt driven impeller from galvanised steel sheet (except Ø 800 direct driven models), powered by single phase (HIB) or three phase (HIT) motor. IP55, Class F, with thermal protector included.

Electrical supplies:
Single phase 230V-50/60Hz.
Three phase 230/400V-50/60Hz.
High-efficiency IE2 motors for three-phase models fitted with 1,1kW and 1,5kW motors.

On requestThe units can be supplied without automatic louvre shutter an replaced with a steel mesh guard on the discharge.


  • HIB-P/HIT-Pbdp506

    Compact design
    Robust casings manufactured from galvanised steel sheet.

  • HIB-P/HIT-Pbdp487

    Outlet louvre shutter with automatic opening
    when switching on the fan, to avoid its opening when it is not working.

  • HIB-P/HIT-Pbdp481

    Metalic protection guard on the inlet side, made from galvanised steel.

  • HIB-P/HIT-Pbdp531

    Protected belt-driven assembly
    Trapezoidal belt drive protected by a belt guard from PVC

  • HIB-P/HIT-Pbdp501

    Ø 800 direct driven models.


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