The air curtains of the range S are especially designed to be installed in reduced spaces to create a barrier between two different areas.
Because of the volume/power ratio, they also fulfill a purpose as a heating element.
The range S is made up of two models of 4 and 6 kW respectively, both with two heating powers, two speeds and ambient thermostat.
They can also work at two speeds without heating.
They create an effective barrier up to a distance of 1.5 m.
The installation of this type of air curtain is recommended in cases such as kiosk windows, service windows that must be opened to assist the public, windows which, due to differences in temperature, have a tendency to steam up and make exterior vision difficult. Model COR-6-900 S includes a remote control unit.


  • COR-Sbdp506

    Power heating selector and thermostat COR -4-900 S

  • COR-Sbdp487

    2 speed remote selector and 2 power, included in the product, model COR-6-900 S


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