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Counter-flow, high-efficiency heat recovery unit DOMEO 210 Series



Whole house heat recovery unit with a high-efficiency heat exchanger up to 92% setting and very low consumption EC motor.
Provides a constant supply of fresh tempered air into the living spaces of a house.
Domeo can communicate with home automation system via Modbus or other gateway protocols. It also enables management of a pre-heating or post heating electric battery.
To optimise energy consumption and air quality, it can be conected to a CO2 or humidity sensor and others. Domeo 210 is fitted with a 100% bypass and it is equipped with M5 or F7 filters at the inlet and with G4 filters at the outlet to protect the heat exchanger.
Includes remote control, allowing adjustment of boost (in RD and APP), by-pass and reset of clogged filters.

– DOMEO 210 FL 3V EU: Wired remote control.
– DOMEO 210 RD: Wireless remote control (by radiofrequency). Constant airflow motor.
– DOMEO 210 APP: Remote Control by smartphone app. Constant airflow motor.


  • Counter-flow heat exchanger with up to 92% thermal efficiency
  • Low-consumption EC motor
  • Centrifugal backward curved impeller
  • Modbus communication
  • EPP body
  • Nozzles Ø125 mm
  • 100% automatic or manual bypass
  • Manual boost mode (RD and APP models)
  • M5 or F7 (optional) inlet filter
  • G4 extract filter


  • DOMEO-Q3bdp506

    Remote control included in the product. Allows regulation of:
    – Boost function (RD and APP models)
    – By-pass
    – Polluted filters alarm
    – Unoccupied mode (RD and APP models)

  • DOMEO-Q3bdp487

    Very compact

  • DOMEO-Q3bdp481

    Easy access to filters

  • DOMEO-Q3bdp531

    Easy to access: fans, heat exchanger and by-pass.


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