Submersible Pump Cast Iron Series

Submersible Pump Cast Iron Series

IMPO Submersible Pump Cast Iron Series is made of cast material which has perfect hydrodynamic design. It is the most economical solution for initial investment cost. It is especially preferred for wells which are not well-improved and have high amounts of sand and for irrigation practices. The wall thickness of cast fan and diffusors provide for durability and long life against the abrasion resulting from particles. It has Pig Iron, Nodular Cast Iron, Bronze – Zinc-free Bronze options. There are different solutions such as manufacturing only the fans or the whole pump from bronze for use in mediums rich in chemically abrasive materials such as acid, sea salt, etc. These products are offered in the widest range in order to satisfy high flow rates up to 400 Tons/m3.

Areas of Application

  • Agricultural, municipal, industrial, domestic use, and widely used in mining areas.
  • For every application where water pressure is needed,
  • To draw water from tanks, basins or ponds and wells,
  • Pumping and aerial distribution of various types of liquid material,
  • Autoclave and water tank entrances,
  • Fountains,
  • Irrigation systems,
  • Lawn and garden irrigation,
  • Sprinkler and drip systems,
  • Greenhouses and nurseries,
  • Water supply for country houses, farms and cottages, ,
  • Sea platforms,
  • Treatment plants,
  • Chemical and mining industry,
  • Food industry,
  • Fire-fighting activities,
  • Washing facilities,
  • To reduce underground water level,


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